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between governor romney and president obama on the issue of what to do now, other than to get a little tougher. i figure that is not going to work. iran is going to get a nuclear weapon. i do not care how many centers to put in place. they are moving forward and have made that clear. i don't think either candidate has laid out what they would do and where there would be a red line. would you draw a bad -- a red line? netanyahu has asked for it, but neither of our candidates have said what they are going to do. russia is very different than it was four years ago. in their aspirations and what they are doing in trying to influence the region and change things. it is one of the reasons i do not think we should pull our troops out of japan and western europe. we made a deal with the japanese and the germans that if they did militarize we will be there if some of their more hostile neighbors are thinking of expansion. i do not think we want to militarize germany or japan. if we leave, that is what is going to happen. i do not think that is good for the world. should the united states played
welcome president barack obama and governor mitt romney. gentlemen, your campaigns have agreed to certain rules and they are simple. they have asked me to divide the evening into segments. i'll pose a question at the beginning of each segment. you will each have two minutes to respond, and then we will have a general discussion until we move to the next segment. tonight's debate, as both of your know, comes on the 50th anniversary of the night that president kennedy told the world that the soviet union had installed nuclear missiles in cuba -- perhaps the closest we've ever come to nuclear war. and it is a sobering reminder that every president faces at some point an unexpected threat to our national security from abroad. so let's begin. the first segment is the challenge of a changing middle east and the new face of terrorism. i'm going to put this into two segments, so you'll have two topic questions within this one segment on that subject. the first question, and it concerns libya, the controversy over what happened there continues. four americans are dead, including an american ambass
, for president obama and also in -- for governor walker, we just had a huge fierce debate over the recall of governor walker. economy and jobs were central to that debate. a lotve of conflicting and duelg statistics, but the bottom linet that you know, sort of somewhat sluggish job growth, some positive trends in manufacturing. but nothing that would i think, either disqualify the president or ensure his reelection. >> looking at individual people there in wisconsin, how does the state break down when it comes to republicans, independents, democrats?e >> we don't have registration bt party, so you really have to just look at our political history. wisconsin is obviously a swing state, that's why we're talking about it. it's voted democratic for president since -- in everyng election since ronald reagan was on the ballot. a little misleading though,es because it's oftenid extremely close and often very close to t sort of where the country is as a whole. it was the closest state in the country in 2004, was even closer in 2000 than it was in 2004, but you had this sort of big blowout victory
folks in the back who are wearing the obama buttons and you are all wearing obama buttons. they can tell you exactly how to do it. i would like to win this thing earlier than later. so go out there. [applause] the president had his third and final debate with governor romney. and i had my one debate with congressman ryan. in that last debate, i was-or -- i was not sure whether other romney was there whether to endorse or debate obama. -- i was not sure whether romney was there to endorse or debate obama. it was kind of amazing. all those things i heard him say 04, i wasn't hurting -- heard him say before, i wasn't hearing him say them anymore. my grandfather from scranton used to say that -- beware of the converted. [laughter] he sure sounded converted, didn't he? i was wondering what happened to the mitt romney -- maybe casper, the family ghost of them. -- the friendly ghost took him. i don't know. as hard as they tried, they cannot run from the record. here is the truth. they had made it very clear they do not have the same view on women's rights as we do. on women's health, they want
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4